A brief history of silver jewelry

Fun fact from a wholesale silver jewelry vendor

Silver jewelry is a metal that offers a high possibility of work. Silversmiths are happy to carve it, cut it, polish it in any way possible to provide quality jewelry. Silver jewel with gem, silver necklace or silver ring has been refined through the ages to deliver more and more qualitative collections.

The dawn of silver jewel

In prehistoric times, after the Bronze Age, silver was one of the first metals that humans could use. It is interesting to note that silver was soon associated with beauty rather than being looked as common metal. Indeed, other metals have preceded it and are more suitable for fieldwork, but most of them don’t shine like silver is. It was then used to adorn the elements of dishes or trinkets with a new brilliance. Moreover, then some smart guy decided to make silver jewelry out of them and boom. The world has gone mad with this beautiful silver jewelry. This is a brief history brought to you by Hong Factory, a wholesale silvers jewelry vendor that I love!

Silver jewelry

Using silver as currency

It is because it was rarer than some metals, and probably more beautiful than silver was used as currency. This is why, in some language like Thai and French, silver has become synonymous with money. In the past, it is the Italian silverware that was also considered as an actual exchange value. Silver, by the brilliance and the magical properties that it lent to it, was for a long time the perfect metal to exchange between the human beings.

Silver industry after the discovery of America

The silver mines are in Germany and Eastern Europe in the early days. After the great discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, people use the silver from the mines of Mexico or Peru. Up to 3/4 of the ore used in Europe comes from South American or Central American mines. It is especially in jewelry that silver is used nowadays. So we have to give some credit to those mines that we can have wholesale silvery like today. Silver is usually used in silver rings, silver bracelets, silver earrings, and so on.

Silver jewelry

Wholesale Silver Jewelry is exceptionally contemporary!

Every year, silver jewelry is revisited through more and more original collections. Creators often develop the intimacy and discretion that the jewel confers. It is the character of silver that is highly appreciated concerning silver solitaire or engagement rings. More nuanced than gold, silver is often associated with night, stars and more particularly the moon. It is a delicate jewel with a touch of poetry. The silvers jewelry adapts to all the collections.

Sometimes polished to be as smooth as ice in winter; other times left raw to give it a historical side. In any case, silver necklaces or silver bracelets are inexhaustible sources of inspiration for jewelry designers from the Himalayas to Alaska to the Alps to Thailand. Often used less than gold to crimp a stone, silver is fascinating in its complementarity. For example, the silver ring with stone offers new shades and original hues. This allows in particular to develop impressive ranges of silver jewelry fantasy set with precious stones.

Best way to buy many Wholesale Silver pieces of jewelry at once

Like any wholesale silver jewelry, jewelry vendor would say, the best way to buy silver jewelry is buying them at wholesale price. And I agree! Buying wholesale silver jewel often gives you a discount. You have to choose wholesale silvers jewelry with a good reputation and high-quality product, though.

While living in Thailand, my go-to wholesale silver jewelry seller is Hong Factory. Hong Factory is the best wholesale silvers jewelry vendor based in Thailand. They have served their loyal customer for 48 years with so much satisfaction. They produce and sell a wide range of wholesale jewelry. If you are interested in buying wholesale silver jewelry with high quality, check out their website at www.hongfactory.com

Where and how to buy wholesale silver jewelry in Bangkok, Thailand

Every month tourists and businessmen come to Bangkok in search of silver jewelry at wholesale prices. Thailand has proved to be a country of choice for the purchase of silver jewelry of exceptional quality, sold at unbeatable rates. These jewels are selling much more expensive elsewhere.

A few years ago, I ran silver jewelry online sales business that I bought in Bangkok. The implementation costs being reduced, the company was lucrative.

If you plan to come to Bangkok to find the best wholesale silver jewelry at the lowest price, here are some places to start your research and what you need to see before you start.

silver jewelry

Silver jewelry at wholesale prices, how to find the best in Bangkok?

When it comes to silver jewelry sold at wholesale prices, if you really want good quality, it is paramount to make sure they are punched .925. This means that the object contains at least 92.5% pure silver, mixed with an alloy to create what is called massive silver. If the shops you visit sell non-punched jewelry, it is highly likely that they are not made of solid silver and that these products are of poor quality. Go your way and look elsewhere.

What are the places where you can find silver jewelry at wholesale prices in Bangkok?

There are several places appreciated by buyers of silver jewelry at wholesale prices in Bangkok. You can start by visiting Khao San Road, as surprising as it may seem, it is in this street known as the paradise of backpackers that you will find a range of shops selling only wholesale silver jewelry. Examine the jewels of different shops and compare prices before buying anything, and do not forget to haggle. Although prices are already meager, most stores will give you an additional discount depending on the number of products you buy.

You will also be able to find your happiness at Chatuchak Weekend Market to buy wholesale silver jewelry at low prices. It is also a very interesting place, provided with many stalls of silver jewelry of high quality, especially if you are in search of ethnic jewelry, craft mountain villages. The choice is vast, and the prices are low.

You also could visit the showroom called ELF925 (they even have a website that allows you to order online but knows that you will still get a better price if you meet directly with sellers in person). The choice is more than consistent, and the discounts for the purchase in large quantities are remarkable. Quality is undoubtedly among the best.

silver jewelry

What types of whole silver jewelry can you buy in Bangkok?

Absolutely everything. There is nothing you cannot find at the places mentioned above. Rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, piercings, rings for the feet, etc …, the list can hardly be exhaustive, in fact, everything that is currently sold in the west can be found in Bangkok.

How to get the best deal?

You need to keep in mind the two most important points when buying silver jewelry at wholesale prices in Bangkok: haggling and buying in large quantities.

Thais have a habit of haggling for almost everything. They appreciate when a bargain goes well. Never pay the asking price, because in most shops you will be able to get a discount of at least 20% if you buy in bulk. The higher the quantity, the lower the price, if you concentrate your purchases in the same store. It is quite possible to achieve a reduction of 50% compared to the initial cost with an adequate quantity of purchased products.

Even if you are told that the minimum purchase quantity is 3,000 baht (about $ 100), remember that this is not really the case. If you simply want to buy $ 50 worth of jewelry, they will not let you go under this false pretense. You will pay just a little more per jewel.

To conclude, remember that it is essential to remain polite and to bargain cordially. If a jewelry retailer tells you that the price is $ 5 and you offer $ 1, this can be considered insulting and you may have a hard time getting the best price from him. A good tip is to start with a discount of 25% on the rate offered by the seller, this way you will be able to negotiate 10 to 20% discount on the original price, no more. If, on the other hand, you buy for several thousand dollars, your trading margin immediately becomes more substantial Marcasite Silver Jewelry Wholesale , and the reduction will probably be more significant.

Or even easier, just buy wholesale silver jewelry from a direct manufacturer like Hong Factory

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